Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag and Servus!

My name is Andi. I'm a designer from Austria living in Stuttgart.

Here's my journey so far.


I'm a director and designer of digital products. I create concepts, functional prototypes, visual designs, interfaces, animations, and everything in between.


Since 2018 I'm a professor for digital communication design at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. In my teaching I focus on how we can leverage the potential of digital technologies in everyday life.


As Principal UX Designer at Logitech I mainly worked on Logitech Options (2017), a software for device configuration. I was also involved in the conception and realisation of Logitech G HUB (2018), where you can personalise all your gaming devices. My work at Logitech included visual design and prototyping, with a bit of user research and future product development.


During my year at EPFL+ECAL Lab in Lausanne I worked on various research projects with labs at EPFL, most notably on Solidarity Network (2016), aiming to reinforce social interaction among older people through digital technologies.


From 2013 until 2015 I worked in the design team of Skype in London and we released Skype 7 (2015) across all platforms. I created interactive prototypes and ensured the implementation of Skype's Design Language across its multiple platforms and future products. I also developed and implemented internal design tools that improve the transition between designs and working code.


At my MA studies at Royal College of Art I investigated the relationship between people, machines and data. One of the results was Computers Falling in Love (2013), a media installation creating a feedback loop between two computers. My final work was the animated data visualisation A Computer Learning How To Snowboard (2014) showing the process of a machine exploring and understanding athletic movements.

At that time, I also created the corporate design for NODE Forum for Digital Arts (2013), a meeting point for artists, designers and engineers in Frankfurt.


In 2007 I founded the design studio Strukt in Vienna with four of my best friends. Our mission was to create digital experiences like no other. We provided creative direction and production for events and corporate communications.

We worked with a number of car brands to design their events, like the Audi R8 Launch India (2007) in New Delhi or the Mercedes-Benz design:project (2008) in Stuttgart.

One of the major projects at Strukt was visionair (2010), a touchscreen-based interactive data visualisation for Vienna International Airport displaying the activities at the airport in realtime.

At Strukt we also produced some decent motion graphics, worth mentioning would be the TV-ads for Der Standard (2008) with neat stop-motion and character animation, or the trailer for TOCA ME Design Conference (2009) in Munich. We also created live or prerendered visuals for events like Spot On Wien (2009), Austria's participation at 100% design tokyo, or the Austria Fashion Awards (2010).

The early days

Since 2001, I experimented with realtime-generated graphics and visuals for live music. These experiments culminated in the work I did for Machine Drum (2011), where I used the then brand-new Kinect to track the motion of the DJ and a MIDI controller to manipulate the graphics. The successor of this was the live visual set for Lapalux (2012) at sound:frame festival in Vienna. Another exploration of realtime graphics were my live visuals for Philip Glass' Symphony No. 10 (2013) at Ars Electronica Festival.

One of my interests is making data tangible through visualisation and interaction. The infographic 149.026 km2 (2010) shows the extent of the oil leakage of BP's Deepwater Horizon. In my BA studies I created the data visualisation Similar Diversity (2010) in the class of Stefan Sagmeister. It visualises the text of the holy books of the five world religions.


Over all these years I've had the pleasure to work with many wonderful people. Brands I've worked for include Adidas, Ars Electronica Center, Audi, HEAD Snowboards, Levi's, Logitech, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Nike, ORF, Austrian National Tourist Board, Skype and Vienna International Airport.

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